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The Importance of Year-Round Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets

Fleas and ticks are undoubtedly nuisances, but they can also cause significant health problems for your pet. Fortunately, preventive measures can protect your four-legged friend from these creepy-crawly parasites. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team explains why your pet needs year-round flea and tick prevention. Fleas and pets Washington’s prevalent rains create the perfect breeding ground [...]

July Fourth Pet Safety Tips

Loud fireworks, crowded gatherings, and unfamiliar noises can be stressful for your pet and potentially endanger them. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team wants you to enjoy your patriotic celebration, and we offer tips to keep your four-legged friend safe and calm this July Fourth. Create a pet safety zone Pets appreciate a quiet place where [...]

5 Tips to Start Your Kitten On the Right Paw

Welcoming a kitten into your home is exciting, but doing so also involves responsibilities to ensure your tiny feline friend thrives in their new environment. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team wants your kitten to start off on the right paw, and we offer tips to set up your whiskered friend for success. #1: Kitten-proof your [...]

Equine Pre-Purchase Examinations

Investing in a horse is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the animal’s health, soundness, and suitability for the intended purpose. While an equine pre-purchase examination doesn’t guarantee your horse will experience long-term soundness and good health, the assessment can identify conformation problems that may cause issues in the future [...]

Does My Pet Need Heartworm Prevention?

According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council's 2024 Pet Parasite Forecast, the heartworm population is expanding across the United States, and the disease has now been diagnosed in all 50 states. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team wants your pet to be protected, and we provide information about heartworm disease and how to safeguard your four-legged [...]

A Guide to Bovine Herd Health Management

Working with your veterinarian is important to developing a good bovine herd health program which should focus on disease prevention and treatment, parasite control, and optimization of animal well-being, production efficiency, and net return to the business unit. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team offers guidelines to develop a successful bovine herd health plan.  Establish an [...]

Recognizing and Managing Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Arthritis is common in pets, and the condition can cause them pain and decrease their mobility. However, many owners attribute their pets’ arthritis signs to normal aging-related changes, which leaves these dogs and cats untreated. If your pet has arthritis, recognizing and managing their signs is important to help alleviate pain and improve your pet’s [...]

Understanding and Managing Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis is a painful condition in horses and ponies that inflames and damages the tissues between the hoof wall and the coffin bone. In some cases, the condition is preventable with proper management. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team explains what you should know about laminitis and provides management tips to help lower your equine friend’s [...]

Navigating Your Puppy’s First Year

Puppies are adorable and super sweet, but bringing home a new tiny four-legged friend can be overwhelming. Puppies require appropriate care to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adult dogs. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team never passes up a chance to snuggle with a puppy, and we provide an essential checklist for your puppy’s first year.  #1: [...]

Understanding the Importance of Your Horse’s Vaccines

Before you start training for show season or head out for a trail ride, ensure your horse’s vaccines are up to date. Vaccines are an important part of your horse’s wellness plan to keep them healthy and athletically sound. Our Rustebakke Veterinary Service team explains all you need to know about equine vaccines. Adult horse [...]

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